A Perfect Pick for a Mothers' Book Club -- Baby Catcher by Peggy Vincent

Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife by Peggy Vincent

Baby Catcher Peggy Vincent Mothers Book Club
Baby Catcher by Peggy Vincent
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This was an absorbing and awesome book. In it, Peggy Vincent remembers her career as a nurse and then as a midwife, catching babies. A new birth story unfolds in every chapter and they seamlessly incorporate the context of Peggy's life and career. She includes the birth stories of her own children.

It was just so awesome and inspiring to read all these birth stories. I would say it was a good ratio of scary/sad/tense stories to just plain awesome ones. Now, that said I still don't recommend reading it while you're pregnant. I mean, I wouldn't! I can't stand to read about pregnancy and labor while I'm down in it. If you're pregnant I recommend these books.

Anyway, this book made me laugh. It made me sad without making me cry. And it was so unbelievable that I had to read bits out loud to Jacob, like, "Listen to this!"  Baby Catcher was really un-put-down-able. It's like, "Hang on,  somebody is about get born . . ." every chapter. Haha!

I picked it up because Anya chose it for book club -- I'm looking forward to our discussion on Thursday. I expect we'll all talk about the most memorable stories, about Peggy Vincent's career path, and about our own experiences with birth. It should be awesome.

And here is the question I know you are asking yourself: "Is this book going to force a childbirth message down my throat?" The answer is no. Most of the stories are about home births in the Berkeley, CA area from the early 80's to the 90's. But Peggy doesn't push the message that one way to give birth is the best. Her message is "All birth is normal until proven otherwise."

The birth stories in this book are so interesting. And Peggy's own story is fascinating as well. I definitely recommend Baby Catcher. 
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Baby Catcher Peggy Vincent Mothers Book Club
A freshly caught baby

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