The Big 5 Questions about Story Club, Answered!

Let's have some fun together.

Who is Story Club for?
Story Club is for parents and children, especially. Grown-ups and kids of all kinds will enjoy it and be able to use it together. Preschool teachers are going to love Story Club. Grandparents? Yes. You name it! But I couldn't help designing Story Club with parents and their children in mind.  

What is Story Club, exactly?
Story Club is an e-book. It contains instructions and tips for storytelling with children, and more than 20 stories (and story ideas) you can use and adapt for your own storytelling time ("Story Club") with kids. 
When will Story Club be released?
At this point I think a December 2014 release would be both achievable and awesome! This is my first e-book, though, and I feel like I can only see around the next bend in the road, so to speak. So I'm shooting for December, but I'll keep you posted. ;)

Where can I use Story Club?
Marie and her little guy have enjoyed Story Club at the lunch table. Lindsay and her daughter do Story Club in the evenings. Kate and Anna don't call it Story Club, but their storytelling time together has been more enjoyable lately. You can (and probably do) use Story Club stories and principles at home, at school, and in other settings with kids. It's good stuff.

Why should I tell my friends about Story Club?
When I first started thinking about making Story Club, I didn't know if other people would be interested. Since then, I've been completely convinced. Even if you don't think Story Club will be your jam, there are others who are kind of dying for something like this! Share! Help them! See some evidence below:

It can be "shockingly difficult" to come up with story ideas.

"Storytelling is a chore," but I want to work on it. I know my child will love it.
"Even I could tell a story," if you put it that way.

Even when kids are less than enthusiastic, these principles work!

So. Who do you know that would like to know about Story Club? Send them over! I have created a Story Club page on Everead: www.evereadbooks.com/p/story-club.html This page highlights some of the best posts about Story Club, and links to the complete archive. 

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