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Ok, I'm back with the second half of the Cybils Finalist list, as promised. These are graphic novels I highly recommend, published in 2014, nominated in the Elementary/Middle Grade category, and agreed upon by my fellow panelists and I as the best of the bunch in terms of kid-appeal and literary merit.

2014's Best Graphic Novels for Younger Readers (Part 2):

Hidden: A Child's Story of the Holocaust by Loic Dauvillier I just recommended this book to a friend whose eighth grade daughter is studying WWII. Though I think this book would be fine for some 3rd graders, I think it's poignant enough that it can interest older audiences as well. It is a relatively mild story from the holocaust which details one girl's experience fleeing the city and hiding in the country. It does an excellent job of conveying the confusion, disgust, and sadness that affected her for years.

The Dumbest Idea Ever! by Jimmy Gownley is autobiographical. This is the story of how Jimmy Gownley published his first comic, about him and his friends. It features middle school antics and teaching nuns. Anyway, I found it to be both more interesting and more enjoyable than Sisters by Raina Telgemeier, another strong contender in the realistic genre.

Ballad by Blexbolex I've written about Ballad before. Did you know that in its original language it is titled Romance? I can see why they changed the title -- there is nothing "romantic" about it but this story of a child going home from school goes from simple to incredibly complex and is full of interesting things. Read more about it in my full review.

Remember, you can catch Part 1 of this list right here. Happy reading!

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