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Hey all!

It has been a while since I have given you a Story Club update.

Not this kind of Story Club
For any who don't know, Story Club is the ebook that I am working on. It is "a quick-start guide for storytelling with kids." It's targeted to parents, though of course teachers and others who have kids in their lives could definitely use it. It also has step-by-step instructions on how to start a storytelling club (Hence the name Story Club!), but I've heard from parents who say that it's helpful even if you're only planning on telling stories with/to one child.

So here's the update: we are now in beta-testing phase! The book is written. The book was edited. The book was re-written and re-edited. The book was designed. Now it's going into the hands of beta readers who are reading it and playing with it and giving me feedback.

I can't believe this is actually happening! Yay! And what took me so long? Good grief there have been months when I haven't even touched the project. Ah, well, I am giving myself permission to be patient with myself.

I read a great quote or article a while back, and now I can't find it. But the gist of it was that someone had finished a creative project and was surprised and heart-warmed to find that people cared about it. People had been patiently waiting for it, even though they hadn't been banging down the door for it, they had been there and been interested. Whereas this woman (I think the artist was a woman) had worried that the silence indicated indifference from others, she found out that it indicated patience and trust.

My heart is full of gratitude for those who have helped me with the project thus far. And I feel like so many people have been patient and trusting with me. Though it isn't quite done yet, we are definitely on to the next phase and what a thrill that is for me! I announced the project on April 11, 2014, hoping to have it done in six months. Two years later to the day I'm still working on it, but I'm getting really really close.

It feels good.

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