The Seven-Year-Old's Review of Geronimo Stilton

A letter from Benjamin, dated 3-30-16:

Dear Issac,

Do you remember Geronimo Stilton: Flood Mission?  Geronimo is so funny! My favorite part is when Tony Sludge throws a cord at Geronimo and knocks into him right before he activates his rain triggering device! Another of my favorite parts is when Geronimo says "I'm not cut out to be a hero mouse!" Wait, I'm not done yet. It's so funny when Geronimo eats that sandwich with HOT PEPPERS! Oh isn't it funny when Geronimo thinks that Tess Technopaws is giving him gum?


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Benjamin brought that piece of writing home from school and it completely enchanted me. He said that Issac is a boy in his second-grade class, but that he didn't ever deliver the letter to him. "For some reason, we didn't share, even though the letters were addressed."

Anyway, I couldn't resist posting it, along with this picture of Benjamin reading outside on Saturday. (Three cheers for springtime!) I particularly loved reading this letter because I've never really gotten into Geronimo Stilton books. Not my scene, at this point in my life. So I loved learning that he found them very funny and action packed. I also loved reading his invented spellings. The original document has gems like "dvice" and "samwice." I kept his all-caps on the hot peppers though!

I asked Benjamin if the Heromice series of Geronimo Stilton was different from the original. He said, "Kind of. Tony Sludge is the bad guy and all the hero-mice are trying to defeat him." Sounds to me like the Geronimo Stilton series has some different story arcs within the larger series. I know Magic Treehouse does.

It looks like I should've included Geronimo on my list of Exciting Chapter Book Series. :) 

Benjamin says he'd give the book 4.5 stars, out of 5.


  1. My favorite part is the "Wait, I'm not done yet!" My 6-year-old enjoyed reading this; he says, "Geronimo Stilton is funny and he's always nervous and stuff because one time he went to a pirate island and he got attacked by a crab about as tall as this room!" Maybe our sons should be book pen pals...especially because I have the same Geronimo Stilton feelings as you. :)

  2. My 8 year old LOVES Geronimo Stilton! He says things like "fabumouse" at times, and has read stacks of them. (Good thing there are stacks of them available!) I've read...maybe 2. That was enough for me. I can see the appeal, though!

  3. I'm 21 yrold ....still my favourite is Geronimo Stilton. my favourite edition is " four mice deep in the jungle" his sick of afraid and I love his adventures in to the jungle...


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