Congratulations are in order!

Cybils winners have been announced! Yippee! The full list is here.Congratulations! Congrats to the authors and illustrators and publishers for making such good books and earning honors. Congrats to the Cybils panels for choosing good ones for us.

For Young Adult Graphic Novels, the winner is March, Book Three!

You know I thought very highly of March Book Three. In fact, right now I'm running a giveaway of the whole trilogy. My review of the book and the details about the giveaway are here. It closes tonight, but you've got a couple of hours...

For Elementary and Middle Grade Graphic Novels, the winner is Lowriders to the Center of the Earth!

I have to say I'm slightly embarrassed that I have not actually read this book. What?!? How is that possible? Weren't you on the round one judging panel? Yes I was, and when you're on round one you read as many of the nominees as you can, but all your fellow judges are doing the same and you're trying to make sure each book gets read by at least two panelists. This one wasn't available from my library, the publisher didn't send me a copy and I didn't know it was such a contender until our final discussion of books that are going on the shortlist. So, that's how it happened. And now it has won! I've got to catch up. At least I've got a few pages into book one (the winner here is book two in the series.) I've got to see what I stamped with my personal seal of approval! I'd better get reading!

Happy Valentines day to you!

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