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So I'm taking a class over at Creativebug, and I've been posting some of my work on my instagram. My friend Erin just saw my work and was like "hey, send me the link on that class!" So this one's for you, Erin.

I'm taking Daily Painting Challenge: 31 Patterns to Paint taught by Lisa Congdon.

Here's the day we painted a scallop pattern.
Two years ago I took the daily drawing challenge with her.

This was the day we drew spice jars.

And I've taken a bunch of other cool classes on Creativebug, too. I've watched classes on how to make my own envelopes, how to make gem paperweights, how to use resist with watercolor, basic watercoloring and sketchbook and crochet classes, a class on creating color palettes (one of my favorites!) and a class on screen printing (which made me realize I do not actually want to do screen printing). Jubilee and I watched the daily class last month about gift wrapping and had a great time. Those four minutes in the morning kept her interest while I styled her hair and gave us both good ideas for Christmas wrapping.

These are meant to be gift toppers, but I couldn't resist making a forest scene out of them.

Creativebug is kind of like the Netflix of arts and crafts tutorials...but better. Here are my 3 reasons:

1. At $5/month it's cheaper than Netflix.

2. You get to keep some of the videos. Each month you subscribe you get to save one class in your library. You then still have access to that class if you ever stop subscribing to Creativebug.

3. You're gaining practical knowledge. Though I suppose Once Upon A Time gave me the practical knowledge that I would need in order to use a magic tree to get to Storybrook.

So I've been an off-and-on subscriber for a couple of years. I became an affiliate for them a while back, too, so if you subscribe through one of my links I'll get credit for it.

They're always running some kind of promotion or sale for signing up. Right now it's one month free and a free 30% off coupon at JoAnn's.

If you end up taking classes, I would LOVE to hear about it. And if someone made me one of the gorgeous quilts they teach, I would die of the love.

Here are a couple other blog posts I've written about Creativebug.

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