Cybils shortlists are announced!

Here's all the categories!

Here are the finalists for Elementary/Middle Grade Graphic Novels

Here are the finalists for Young Adult Graphic Novels

I'm totally patting myself on the back. This was my first year as the category chair for Graphic Novels, and though it was dicey at times, I think I did everything I was supposed to do! Even though my baby was born on the morning that I was supposed to confirm my judges! Haha.

I ended up needing to be a judge on Round 1, so that there would be an odd number of judges, to prevent ties in voting. I was worried about whether or not I'd be able to read enough nominees, but I read a respectable 72 of the 153 nominated titles.

Can I just say that again? I read 72 books in the last 3 months, which were also the first 3 months of my son's life! Oh yeah, oh yeah!

AND I love the lists my panel agreed on this year. All the books that made the cut are top-notch. Check them out!

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