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Some Writer!: The Story of E. B. White

I'm enchanted! I just finished reading this book and it was lovely! The art was fascinating; the life of E. B. White was fascinating. I want to send this book to my friend Tara because she would love it. The book really highlights the simple life and the pleasures of days gone by.

This is a biography of famous children's author E. B. White. And it answered my most burning question: what does the E. B. stand for again? It talked about his name and how what he went by changed a bit as he grew up. But this book did so much more that that.

The book dug into all of the parts of White's life that were most interesting to me. How he grew up, how he became a writer, what he wrote besides the three children's books he is best known for, and some of the backstory on those books. I loved that the book showed (truly, with writing samples) that White was a writer from a young age. I loved the quotes from White that were sprinkled throughout, especially the quote about not trying to convince anyone of your love for chickens. I had to call my mom and read her that one. And I think that is part of the reason that she bought Some Writer. Mostly, I just loved looking at this book! Every page had either a fascinating piece of information or a beautiful little piece of art by Melissa Sweet and most pages had both in abundance.

I found this book inspiring. Here's how it inspired me: I want to go canoeing! I want to write poetry! I want to start a children's literary magazine. I want to learn more about E. B. White and more about Melissa Sweet, who authored this gem of a book.

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