Quick Takes

Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith -- Ah. Now I see why the Marquis made our Princes in Print list. He's like a combination of Legolas (read: Orlando Bloom as Legolas) and Mr. Darcy. But different. That said I did find Meliara a tad bit uptight.

Coraline by Niel Gaiman -- I'm glad the cat was in this one. He was the closest thing to comic relief in a pretty tense little tale. Thumbs up for this one, though I liked Graveyard Book better.

Indigo's Star by Hilary McKay -- 10 for 10 as usual. Writing, character development, plot... I just can't say enough good about these books. Start with Saffy's Angel of course. Also I'm kicking myself for not buying Caddy Ever After when I saw it on sale back before I had read any of them, cuz now I want to read it.

Jellaby by Kean Soo -- I love the review haiku of this one over at emilyreads. A Cybils finalist in the younger graphic novel set, this one has potential, and a very open ending. It's definitely not as complete as a single volume of Babymouse or Rapunzel's Revenge, which kinda bugs me since the sequel(s?) aren't out yet.

Kin (The Good Neighbors Book 1) by Holly Black and Ted Naifeh -- Definitely squarely in the YA category of graphic novels. I'll be interested to see where the series goes. I didn't finish Tithe by her, but I have high hopes for this one. I like murder mysteries.


  1. I kinda wanna see the Coraline movie that just came out.

  2. If you do, let me know. Maybe I'll have you write it up for us or something.

  3. Did you read the whole thing (the new Crown/Court Duel in one book)? Or just the first half? I swear, that was the most swoon-worthy love story I've read in a while. I like your comparison of the Marquis, though. Spot on.

    And now, on to Permanent Rose. I was looking at my review of Forever Rose the other day, and I realized that I'm going to have to read it in its proper place and do a re-review of it. :) I agree: these books are basically perfect.

    I'll have to look up the two graphic novels.


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