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So I just finished The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Loved it. Loved. Ashley already reviewed it for us here. In fact, she has expanded her review for publication in a newspaper. You done us proud, girl! Now we just need Laura's thoughts.

Aislin and other fans of The Picture of Dorian Grey or Oscar Wilde (but especially Dorian fans) should definitely read this one. Also my mom. Oh, and Hilary of course.

This book is happy. It is uplifting, that is to say. There are some unhappy parts of course, but a story needs conflict. It's uplifting and engrossing but not gripping. That means you WILL be able to put it down to make dinner, shower, etc., but also that you will be happy to have a minute to pick it up again. Also be sure to read the acknowledgments after. Or before. This book made me wish I had a real-for-reals pen pal.

Happy, happy! Yay! Loved.

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  1. I finally got around to reading this book, our local book club had all the copies when I first heard about it from you. It was really fun to follow the story line through letters. I like the sea, and islands always hold a romantic appeal. The tragic war scenes remain vivid for me even after the mostly happy ending. The bitter parts of the book are horrific and some of the sweet parts of it are almost sappy. I can't help feeling that if the author had not had some health issues it could have hung together a little better for me. By that I mean that the story moved along realistically slow for a long time then a bunch of stuff happened quickly at the end resolving everything as expected -- pacing seems to be important for me. An ejoyable read, overall.


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