Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson

It's a thick one, guys! But totally worth it. I really enjoyed this one.

The eldest princess of Idris is destined to be the bride of the God King of Hallendren. She has trained her whole life in preparation. Her youngest sister is redundant. Until push comes to shove in politics and the girls both find themselves utterly unprepared for their new roles. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Lightsong the Bold, Returned god of Bravery is trying to figure out why anyone thinks he's a god and what his purpose was in coming back to life. Mix in a few other sly and slippery and dangerous and complex characters, and you've got a recipe (wait. How did I get from ranches to recipes?) for ...beef stew? mountain oysters? okay I give up, but it was tasty.

The humor had me choking back laughs. The intrigue had me biting my nails (literally. I caught myself chewing my thumb). The romance was swoonworthy, but isn't the main focus of the book. The magic system is mind-boggling.

Recommended for adult and young adult fantasy fans. Another good one from Sanderson. As my little brother said after reading this, "He kind of gives me hope for the end of the Wheel of Time series." Me, too. And hopefully we'll get to meet him on his upcoming tour! :)

oh, p.s. Sanderson published this book online, so you can get the entire text here on his site. However it is also available in hardback at libraries and bookstores.


  1. Woot!!! You're torturing me again with Brandon Sanderson's work. I own this one, but have yet to read it. I'm stoked now. Have to seen my Feature Fun Friday featuring this book?

  2. Yes, it was fascinating! Seeing the process helped me appreciate the details that I hadn't noticed before. However my husband and I are unsure as to who the cover is supposed to be. You'll have to read it and tell us what you think.


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