Son of the Shadows

Post by Ashley
Wow, cool follow-up to Daughter of the Forest, which I loved. This second book in the trilogy follows Sorcha's three grown children, mainly her daughter Liadan, through twisting trials, romance, and tragedies, always driving toward the ultimate goal of reclaiming the three sacred islands that are still under British occupation.

As with many fantasy books, there's a prophecy, but unlike some others, the person destined to fulfill that prophecy isn't immediately clear. Two books into the trilogy, I think we've finally figured out who will bring peace to the warring people in the story.

The writing is beautiful, as always. The story is intricate and very human. The characters are deep and independent and so varied. I love that about all of Juliet Marillier's books. Each person is a personality. So check out this series if you're feeling an itching for a new fantastical literary experience. As with the first one, this contains more adult content than I would deem appropriate for a young teen. So I'll recommend it for 16-18-ish and up.

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