Going back in time, but not too far...

I recently read a couple of good old fashioned books.

The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall -- Winner of the National Book Award, this one is very fun. It makes you think. Well, it made me think about days gone by. The days of my childhood. The days of those old live action Disney movies with Hayley Mills in them. The Penderwick family spends the summer vacation in a new place -- on the grounds at Arundel (fictional mansion). I had absolutely no trouble picturing them, because it wasn't too long ago that we took a day trip to the grounds at Allerton (real mansion). The characters are a delight and there is just enough suspense to keep you reading.

Little Heathens by Mildred Armstrong Kalish -- This one is non-fiction. It is "hard times and high spirits on an Iowa farm during the Great Depression." And you know, this book could have been SO boring! But it was really quite interesting. I think my father would enjoy it. He likes to look at what everyday life was like for those who have gone before us. It was occasionally fun to see her describe things that I've done. And occasionally frustrating to here her comment "young people these days will never know..." ha! You underestimate us, old woman! No, I'm just kidding. But I read this one for my book club and we really enjoyed discussing it.

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