Just for silliness...

Over at author Bree Despain's blog she's got a contest running.  Her first book was called The Dark Divine (I have an ARC, I just haven't read it yet).  Her second book now has an official title.  Guess the real title or a funny title with the proper initials, T.L.S., and you could win a prize.

Well.  My husband and I were having way too much fun with this last night.  So much fun, that we also sketched a lovely book cover to go with our favorite title.  Here it is, in all it's glory:

Just give that to the publishers, Bree, and you'll be set.  Hehehe...

ETA: Contest over.  I won.  Only partly because of this lovely illustration.  The other part is that one of the other titles I submitted was Trogdor Levels Scranton. :D


  1. Love it! That was hilarious, and definitely earns laugh out loud points in the contest.

  2. okay. that is really funny. and by the way, congrats on your winning of the shannon hale contest. way to go!


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