Cold Comfort Farm

I recently had the pleasure of borrowing this one from a friend.  I had heard good things about it from all sides, including the back cover which said something about Wodehouse (a favorite author of mine).  

It did take me a few chapters to get into it.  We're introduced to Flora in London, where she seemed a bit over-the-top to me.  Then we see the farm without her, which is utterly depressing.  When Flora got to the farm though, the ball was really rolling.  She proceeds on her mission to tidy the place, and the lives of it's inhabitants, and gets some pretty comical reactions.

The book has a kind of sly sense of humor, and I love that the author starred the best passages, to help reviewers. Hehe.  And the ending was just perfectly perfect.  Two thumbs up.  I'm given to understand it's a movie as well -- I'll have to check it out.


  1. i watched it -- so funny! But, in my opinion, the book was better. No surprise.


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