The Neverending Story

The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

Yeah, I thought the movie was cool as a kid.  The passage of time, however, has made the movie literally ridiculous to me.  Like, I like to ridicule it.  Well now it is even more ridiculous, because the book is so different!

Yes, there is the familiar.  Boy named Bastian (which makes SO much more sense now that I know the book was translated from German).  Atreyu, Falkor the luckdragon (who is way more awesome in the book), AURYN the amulet.  But there is also tons more that never made it to the movie.  Fantastica (not Fantasia, as I thought) is always throwing new and crazy things at you.  And Mr. Ende is very descriptive.  Which made The Neverending Story, in my opinion -- dare I say it? -- a little long.

I really liked it.  I did stop for a while in the middle because Bastian was being such a pudding-head for so long that I couldn't take it anymore.  But I picked it up again and finished the rest in one go.  I really like how it ends.  I remember a little bit from the movie The Neverending Story Part 2, and lets just say if you never saw it, don't bother.  The book, on the other hand,  is good.  

Anyone else remember the movie?  Have you read the book?


  1. You know our history with this book, yes? Was the copy you read printed in the two colors of ink? Originally, and in hard backs, all of the "real world" chapters are in scarlet ink and the chapters following Atreyu are in green. I agree with you about the length. It's like a pictorial film; it just kind of wanders, quietly observing. Depending on one's mood (and philosophical standing) it can add or detract. The story is just so original. It is interesting to me how little Ende feels the need to explain what things mean.
    You might try Momo. It is the best of his books, in my opinion. A little shorter, and little more to the point, but with a brilliant premise and images.

  2. I LOVED this movie as a kid, and I still have fond memories of loving it, so I won't re-watch it anytime soon.

    I believe I have read the book. I have vague memories. I think I remember something about a snake eating its tail that I don't remember from the movie.

    Then again, it's been so long on both counts.

  3. Now look what you've done, Alysa! I meant to go to bed, but instead I ended up watching the WHOLE movie! And I have clas in the morning!

    P.S. I still love the movie. ;)

  4. I remember the first movie a little bit, but not much. I don't know if I ever saw the second movie all the way through. I think I watched it for a little bit because Jonathan Brandis was in it, but I don't think I finished it.

    I've never read the book. I'll have to check it out. :)

  5. Aislin -- Was this the first one you and Justin read together? Naw, I just read a lame paperback copy and the red parts were just italicized. Lame! Also all the pictures were kind of tough to make out. Now I want to see a cool copy!

  6. Enna Isilee -- Ooh, see you own the movie. We just watched it at our cousins' house. That probably makes a difference. Anyway, you'd probably really like the book!

    Jenni -- I can see you really liking this one. Tell me what you think!


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