Heist Society

Kat Bishop grew up in a family of high-end thieves. She tries to escape "the life," posing as a normal teenager at a normal private school, but her escape is short-lived. Her father's been pinned for a robbery he didn't commit, and only Kat and a handful of her friends seem to understand the danger he's in from the man who was robbed: a powerful mobster who demands the return of his artwork---or else.

Kat assembles her unlikely team of experienced but decidedly young criminals, and together they plan the craziest heist of their lifetimes---which for the Bishop family is saying something.

I liked this book. I knew I'd like it, and I was right. I liked it. I really hope there's a sequel, because the characters have loads of potential for future fun plots. No depth or profundity here. Just good, clean fun. Read, and enjoy!


  1. I love the cover for this one - especially when you really look at the details in the glasses. I'm glad to hear it's "good clean fun." We need more of those kind of books!

  2. So Ashley was the caper/heist part of it good? Satisfying?

  3. Yeah, it was fun. Could've been more intense, but it was fun. According to Wikipedia, it's been optioned by Warner Bros. as a movie, but they're going to make the main characters be in their twenties. Lame-o. Totally defeats the point of the book, which is that a bunch of young teens are well-trained thieves. Oh well.


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