Touching Spirit Bear

Cole is a very angry juvenile delinquent.  He opts for Circle Justice when it appears that he really is running out of "last chances" in the judicial system; and he is sentenced to spend a year on a remote Alaskan Island.

I had to read this one fast.  It wasn't due back to the library, and the book club I'm reading it for isn't meeting for a couple more weeks, but this is the kind of book I have to read fast.

Reason #1 I had to read it fast: I don't find the subject matter particularly pleasant.  Library keywords on this one included Juvenile Delinquents, Anger, Forgiveness, Child Abuse.  Not my typical fare. So I had to read it fast so that I would be invested in the story before I took a break.

Reason #2: I didn't like the main character.  Now, it's apparent that you're not supposed to like the main character to start off with. Hence I had to read fast so that I could get to where I would like him.

Reason #3: I didn't savor the writing style. It did the job -- it told the story.  But I found if I didn't read a good chunk then I was thinking about the writing style instead of the story when I closed the book.  Mainly it was just extra words here and there.  It's not a poorly written book, but just not my style.

So, I finished it in a day!  I think it will make for good group discussion when the book club meets.  And I don't think it was a waste of my time either -- I find myself wanting to be a better person, to meditate, and to commune with nature after reading the book.  So I would recommend it, probably for junior high on up.

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  1. don't you think that the main character, and now I can't even remember his name, looks very vampire-white in the cover picture. Just an observation. Anyway, I'm in agreement with you on this book. It kind of made me mad at my students since so many are just like him. But it was a good story.


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