A new kind of review...

So. I know that we here at Everead usually confine ourselves to reviewing books.  Occasionally we do audiobooks, or movie adaptations of books.  But we've never done a bookshelf before.

When the opportunity came up (i.e. I was contacted by Sean at CSN) I decided I just couldn't resist.  CSN apparently has all kinds of sites and sells everything from sectional sofas to luxury handbags.  But honestly I think a bookshelf is going to be the best fit for Everead, don't you?

So, after I get my bookshelf and test it out, you can count on a new kind of review.


  1. What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

  2. So this guy calls you up and says, "Do you want a bookshelf?" And you say yes siree bob, and off you go?

  3. Oh BTW I looked at those bookshelves last year when I wanted to get some for your birthday, but you wanted a camera. So good choice, huh?

  4. Mom,
    Yeah, since I had already looked at their shelves last year I already knew which one I wanted. It was pretty sweet.

    And he didn't call me, he emailed me. I had to post a natural sounding link to "sectional sofas," which made me snort with laughter, but apparently I did it well, if you didn't notice it.


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