A new Wendy Mass book. I've read and loved her Every Soul a Star, which Alysa reviewed here, and have wanted to read her 11 Birthdays (though Alysa beat me to it, here, number 7 in her flow-chart list). So I'm beating her to this one, by gumbo! ;)

Considering this book is also about a birthday, as evidenced by the cover, I wondered if it was somehow a sequel to 11 Birthdays. It happens chronologically after 11 Birthdays, but it's about an entirely new character, who also happens to be a classmate of Amanda and Leo, the main characters in 11 Birthdays. So you're not spoiling anything for yourself by reading this one first, because it's not related to the previous one.

So now that we've cleared that up ...

Rory is an almost-twelve-year-old who has a list accumulated over the past many years of all the things her parents told her she couldn't do until she was twelve---things like getting her ears pierced, shaving her legs, attending a boy-girl party, riding an upside-down roller coaster, and staying home alone. The magical day arrives, and out comes the list. Though at first reluctant, her parents are supportive and even have enough restraint to silence any "I told you so's" you know they're just dying to say as one item after another ends in hilarious disaster.

I was either smiling, chuckling, or outright laughing all through this book. I just loved Rory. I hope that someday I can have a daughter, and I hope that when I do, she will be just like Rory. Totally cute and fun book, though the ending tie-together felt the tiniest bit weak to me. Still, I give it two thumbs up.

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