Astro the Steller Sea Lion

Astro is an orphaned Steller sea lion who was found and brought to a marine mammal center on the California coast. When he'd grown big enough, his rescuers released him into the ocean to swim away and make his own way in the world. But Astro had other ideas. He'd become too attached to humans in his time at the marine center, and though they tried releasing him farther and farther away, Astro kept making his way back to civilization, once even joining a walk-a-thon taking place at a school!

When it was clear to the marine-center workers that Astro wasn't going to stay away, a new home was found for him at the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut, where he now lives happily.

This was a sweet children's book sent to me by its author to read and share with my son and review on the blog. Spencer asked lots of questions as I read, and I quite liked the colorful illustrations, so all in all, an enjoyable read, especially for any kids out there interested in marine life.

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