Shark vs. Train

Shark vs. Train by Chris Barton

Maybe if I transcribe some of the gleeful exclamations of Benjamin about this book, we'll have a review that will make you want to read this imaginative book without spoiling any of the fun.

Alysa: Let's write about Shark vs. Train.
Benjamin: Lets read it! Shark bersuz Train. (Pointing to wordless page): read this words! Grr... Shark is not too heavy, Train is too heavy! The train is hot! The shark is burping!  Wemomade! Crabs not have mouths. Shark have mouth! Silly wemomade. Trick-or-treating... Having some ice cream. I want to ride on the train. Play hide and seek. Mommy and a Daddy. Light is off. Mom Mommy Mom! Playing a game. Holding that, holding those. That is a TV. Mommy listen! That is the little 'boose! It's too far away. Riding motorcycles! Boys, lunch!

There you have it! Hilariously written, stupendously illustrated, a Cybils finalist this year, among many other accolades.

And then, as he sees me add the cover image to this review:
It's Shark bersuz train! Yay! Mom, clap! (Mom obliges.) Mom, it's a book.


  1. This is my favorite review of SVT ever! What a happy reminder of who I'm writing for -- thanks, Alysa and Benjamin!

  2. Love your reviews, love your blog! Definitely getting some great ideas for books that I want to read or that I want to read to my daughter. Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks, Chris! Good job writing it! I hope we see more match-ups in the future...

    bookmomma - thank you! such compliments! i'm blushing.

    Dear Z-kids, I thought of you as I wrote this one up!

  4. What an adorable blog this is! I LOVE your spiral staircase! So cute!!

    I am hoping to have a giveaway soon from Thirsties Cloth Diapers. They agreed to sponsor me, they just want me to have a minimum of 200 followers (via GFC). Will you come follow me?

  5. Oh, I should have mentioned, I already followed you. I fell in love with the stair case almost immediately!

  6. Silly wemomade indeed!

    I am swooning. A fabulous review of a fabulous book.

  7. I love that review. Perfect.

    Chicken Spaghetti


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