Cybils Winners!

Happy less than three day! <3

Happy Interplanetary Be Who You Are Day!

Happy Singles' Awareness Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Cybils Award Announcement Day!

You can find all the winners here!  Winning the Middle Grade Fiction award (the one that Ashley and I helped to judge) is...

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger! Huzzah!  I liked it.  My Review went up in November.


  1. Exciting! Yay for Origami Yoda! Weird about the YA Fantasy choice, though ... strange that the judges picked one that they had objections to. Ah well. Yay for Origami Yoda! :)

  2. What? What objections? I don't remember hearing about this...

  3. Oh, just reading the review of it written by the round-2 judges. "We loved Benny’s growth as a person, though his deep hatred of Tom at the beginning seemed forced." Then later, "...and a strong sense of morality that adds depth to the story, only rarely feeling heavy-handed."

    Just seemed funny for them to be giving it an award while at the same time criticizing some things about it.


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