Book Clubs I Would Love to Be In

It occurred to me today that I love book clubs.

I'm in several already:
  • Graphic Novel Book Club
  • Anything Goes Book Club (fiction, nonfiction, kidlit, historical fic, scifi)
  • SLTA (long distance member now, hugs to the ladies pictured above!)
And yet I would love to be in many more book clubs...
  1. Classics Book Club 
  2. Contemporary Children's Literature Book Club
  3. Recipe Book Club (where we cook something each time!)
  4. Kids Included Children's Literature Book Club (where actual kids come!)
  5. Read Aloud Book Club (where we all sit and cross-stitch/crochet/knit while one person reads. We could take turns!)
  6. Bring Your Own Book Club (where we all talk about whatever books we've been reading, instead of just reading one book)
How about you? Do you love book clubs? Are you in one?

*oh p.s.! Don't forget online book clubs. Those are fun, too.  


  1. I LOVE those ideas for clubs. Especially the recipe book club. That one I could use.

    I'm in a mother-daughter club with my second daughter. It's okay -- I wish we had more members -- but sometimes the discussion really lags because the girls can't get past "I liked/didn't like the book". Ah, well. I guess we're there to teach, yes?

  2. Thanks Melissa!

    Ooh, I hadn't thought about the potential problems of a mother-daughter club. See I was hung up on that I don't have any daughters yet. I think maybe I'll have to have one that's mother-son or coed.

  3. I love, love, love your book club ideas. I would jump at the chance to join a book club for contemporary children's literature book club or a Read Aloud book club. I'd even volunteer to do all the reading because I am not crafty, but I can read the heck out of a book.

    I use my adult book club as my own, personal Bring Your Own Book club. After we eat and discuss our pick, I regale the the gals with stories of all the other books I've read. No one seems to mind, so I just keep doing it. Maybe they are humoring me? Ah, who cares?

    If I could join one other book club it would be a Middle Grades book club. It's what I write and what I mostly read when choosing some kid lit. I try to keep my blog posts balanced, but I'm a sucker for a great MG book.

    I love your blog! I'll be back...


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