Good books to read aloud!

Hi Evereaders! So I went to this very cool book launch on Saturday, for Tempest, by Julie Cross. I listened closely, took notes, and talked to lots of people! I'll post about it soon.

In the meantime, let me share with you a quick list I made up. My dear mother is student teaching in the fourth grade right now, and she asked me for ideas for a read-aloud. It was just three years ago that I myself was student teaching fourth grade, so I sent her this. I've added links to the ones reviewed here on Everead.

The first one I thought of was The Giver, I've heard people say their fourth grade teacher read that to them. Holes is excellent of course. When I was student teaching fourth grade I finished The Sisters Grimm book that the class was on and started The View from the Cherry Tree (a favorite mystery of mine). You could always see if Harry Potter or The Lightning Thief would take. Or (of course) The Goose Girl. You know how I love reading The Willoughbys aloud.* Another one that would be so good out loud (though it is quite scary in my opinion) is The Underneath. It's about a cat and dog who are friends and live under the house of a really scary man. The Mysterious Benedict Society? Crunch, the one with the bikes, perhaps? The True Meaning of Smekday is FANtastic out loud.** The Westing Game (mystery) The Book of Three (fantasy) Everything on a Waffle? I always thought Shakespeare's Secret by Elise Broach would be a good read aloud. A Year Down Yonder (or anything else by Richard Peck) ... do you want me to go on? :D
Crunch, by Leslie Connor. aka "the one with the bikes."

Even if you're not looking for a book to read aloud, all of these books are great to read in one's head, too. If it sounds good out loud, it sounds good (even better!) in the mind.
*I have read The Willoughbys aloud no fewer than three times. I find it hilarious. Sometimes I just start reading it to people on a whim. 
**I have read the first several chapters of Smekday aloud countless times. I'm getting pretty good at my Boov voice. 


  1. Ach! I never heard your Boov voice! I gave that book to my bro for Christmas ... haven't heard if he liked it (or even read it) yet ...

  2. ooh, i remember that! you should follow up with him. And I would be glad to give you my Boov impression over the phone anytime. :D


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