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So Cybils reading is going well -- you'll remember that I'm a judge on the Graphic Novels panel, round one. I've read nine titles so far, and reviewed two of them (here and here).

I love being a round one judge in the Cybils because it makes me read. Lots. Of. Books. And all of those books belong to one category. And I wouldn't read so deeply in one category, otherwise. When I first served on the Graphic Novels panel, it was like an education on what a graphic novel is, what's available and what styles it comes in. Same story for Juvenile Non-fiction, which I judged last year. I had no idea there was so much great childen's non-fiction being published!

Anyway, Amy at Hope Is the Word, has started a Cybils challenge for those who want to follow along and read deeply from the Cybils nomination lists. Here's the post where you can read all about it and join in the challenge.

Will you read along? What are you reading these days? And was there a time that reading a series of books educated you?  Leave me a comment (because I still can't read minds).

I don't always read in an armchair, but when I do, I read #Cybils.

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