Books for Easter?

Hey, all!

Have you got any good books you like for Easter?

I want to get some good ones for our family to enjoy together. I'm not looking for Easter bunny type books, though I find those enjoyable. We have Happy Easter, Little Critter and Owen's Marshmallow Chick, and a few others that I enjoy. But I'm looking for something Christ-centered this season.

Last year I found Words of the Savior, and ordered that. We've enjoyed it, and I'd recommend it. It has quotes from the King James Version of the New Testament, usually one per page, and each is illustrated with a photo.

I like that we can open it up anywhere and read a quote from Christ. I like that the pictures help engage my kids. Around Easter time last year we had a great conversation about the page that has The Lord's Prayer on it. It is illustrated with a spread of vegetables. I asked the kids why they thought this picture went with the prayer, and they talked about how they thought prayer was nourishing to the soul. Benjamin's exact quote was "Prayer is the food to get to heaven." And we talked about how forgiveness is a gift; Levi's gem: "Asking for forgiveness is like asking for food!"

I wish the book had an index, though! It would be really nice to be able to look at a list of what scriptures are quoted in it, and flip to one. That's my biggest complaint with the book: No index, no table of contents, no page numbers. As you can see I used sticky notes to help me out.

Our copy got water damage when we moved last summer, but I'm still going to hang on to it.

I'd love to add a spiritually uplifting book to the family collection again this season. Let me know if you have any recommendations.
p.s. Links above will take you to Amazon and if you purchase from there I make a small commission. At the moment though, Deseret Book has a better price on Words of the Savior. *wink* I got your back.


  1. I love this one!

  2. It's The Easter Story by Brian Wildsmith.


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