Moving More in March

Back at the end of February I decided I would walk for 20 minutes outside, three times a week. I just wanted to report on how that's going, to keep myself accountable.

I can't say I'm completely killing this goal, but I can say that so far it has helped me get outside and get moving. I like having a special calendar printed out and posted on my fridge, because it gives me room to write where I went walking. Then, when I look back at it, I get fond memories of the walks. It's nice.

"Walk to river" reminds me of Benjamin pretending to be the Conn Coll camel,
and Jubilee and Levi pretending to be his humps.
In other exercise news, my friend Kate asked me to join the 30 Day Pilates Body Challenge by Robin Long with her. I like Pilates and obviously am looking to add a little more exercise to my life, so I accepted, and invited my mom to join me, too.

I've been doing really good with that one! You can find more info about it here. I'm not quite sure how to track my progress, since I started late? but I've just been crossing out any given workout once I've done it. And daily I've been checking in with my mom and Kate to report what I've done. The external accountability is hugely motivating for me.

What are you doing to move more, lately? Is accountability as motivational for you as it is for me?

Jacob is the best rock skipper in the family

p.s. Let's throw in some book related stuff here. I talked about the only exercise book I own back when Jubilee was born. I love this book for workouts when I'm pregnant and think it would be great for other major recover situations.

p.p.s Today I'm reading Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson. It's making me laugh and chew my fingernails and cover my eyes.

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