At the Book Fair

Hi guys. How are you? I'm doing well. We're all in good health over here, and the weather is warming up. This picture is from Monday, when we were at the boys' school book fair. Today they didn't need those big coats! Today I was out doing yard work in short sleeves!

At the book fair the boys carefully selected their books and treasures. There were so many books I wanted to buy! Should I tell you all of them? So that you can look for them at your own book fairs? Or is that boring?

I will tell you this much: I made the boys use their own money to buy books this year. What that means: Benjamin cleaned out the car for me this morning, to earn a little extra cash. YES! Parenting win. About 2 months ago we started using the money system outlined in Merrilee Boyack's book The Parenting Breakthrough. Quick version: from age 5-12, kids get a small allowance once a month (non-negotiable). They also complete household chores (non-negotiable) They can earn more money by doing "money chores" that go above and beyond. Once they hit age 12, the allowance stops (household duties do not) and because they miss the allowance they ramp up the money chores and other money earning efforts.

Benjamin spent his hard-earned cash on a paperback novel, a poster, and a hand-shaped pointer which he toted along to his piano lesson so his teacher could point to things more easily. Haha!

Levi bought a bookmark and a bug book that came with a plastic spider. :)

Jacob and I talked Jubilee out of an expensive Doc McStuffins book that comes with a stethoscope (we have two toy stethoscopes already, thank you), and bought her a cheap Sofia the First book instead. When we saw the gorgeous coffee-table book about the Periodic Table of the Elements, we agreed that it should come home with us.

I could spend SO much money at the book fair. All those exclusive paperbacks of picture books! They don't usually make paperback versions of picture books, you know. Sigh. I kind of can't believe I left them all behind this year. But my budget is thanking me already. Yes, Jacob and I put "book fair" on our budget this month. You can't go into one of those without a planwe can't, anyway.

I love the quote from Erasmus, "When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left I buy food and clothes."

Warm wishes,

Here's a post about my first time volunteering at the book fair.
Here's an affiliate link to The Parenting Breakthrough.
Here's a tongue twister video from Studio C that made me laugh tonight.


  1. We've been giving our daughter an allowance starting this year (she is five). I've been making her purchase many of her own Scholastic Reading Club flyer books. I think it's good practice on decision-making. I like your approach!

    1. How much are you guys doing for allowance? We are doing $1.25 per year of your age (so $6.25 for the five year old and $8.75 for the seven year old).


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