Favorite Little Known Books

The Evereaders have spoken! They want to dish about their favorite books that other people don't hear enough about. This isn't the time to talk about Harry Potter. We don't want to hear about Twilight right now! What have you loved besides the Series of Unfortunate Events? Comment on this post and your little-known favorite will be listed.

  • Hidden Talents and True Talents by David Lubar
  • Alex and the Ironic Gentleman by Adrienne Kress
  • Forever Rose by Hilary McKay
  • How to Massage Your Cat by Alice M. Brock
  • Constance by Patricia Clapp
  • A Year Down Yonder by Richard Peck
  • The King's Daughter by Suzanne Martel
  • Cat's Eye Corner by Terry Griggs
  • The Chronicles of Faerie by O.R. Melling
  • (your little known fave here!)


  1. I love Hidden Talents and True Talents, and Alex and the Ironic Gentleman. Those are some of my favorite books, and not too well known.

  2. Forever Rose was one of my favorites. I'm not sure it's little-known, but I hadn't heard of it.

  3. hwalk, I've never heard of those! Cool!

    melissa, I hadn't heard of Forever Rose (or its predecessors in the series) before the Cybils and I liked it too. So for sure.

    Also, How To Massage Your Cat is very little known and very excellent! I laugh so hard I can't breathe pretty much every time I read it. It's picture book style.

  4. "Constance" by Patricia Clapp is a little-known read that I've loved since I discovered it in high school--a Plymouth Rock-era historical fiction. And "A Year Down Yonder" by Richard Peck is an absolute classic.

  5. I love Canadians! I don't think I'e met a Canadian author I didn't like. The King's Daughter by Suzanne Martel is about a French orphan who is sent to be a hunter/trapper/settler's wife in new French Canada. Cat's Eye Corner by Terry Griggs is a poetic puzzle book that I fervently wish I had written.
    Also, the Chronicles of Faerie by O.R. Melling are wonderful.

  6. This is AWESOME. You have two books on here that I absolutely love! Hidden Talents is amazing. Just go out and read it. So cool. Great idea for bringing the great hidden gems to light.


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