I, Q: Independence Hall

The name of this series, written by Roland Smith, is "I, Q" -- not I.Q. See the main character's name is Q. Get it? Get it? I think it's totally clever. And slightly tricky. So basically like the book.

Clever. Tricky. It's a spy novel. Q's mom just married Angela's dad and the two love-bird parentals are topping the charts with a hit single. So, Q and his new stepsister are off on a cross-country tour. Only thing is they don't get very far before craziness ensues. It becomes apparent that Angela is being followed. This might just be silly and dismissable if her mother (a Secret Service agent that died the previous year) hadn't, well, been a Secret Service agent that died the previous year.

Loved Q's magic tricks and Angela's spy know-how. Loved the little bits of trivia I picked up reading the book. Loved the suspense. No gratuitous violence or swearing or anything, a tight, clean read. Am looking forward to the next one. Highly recommended.

(Also a Cybil's nominee, so I should let you know that I speak only for myself, not for the panel, etc. etc. disclaimer and such.)

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  1. Roland Smith has some really good titles. I am looking forward to getting this title.


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