The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets

Post by Alysa

So I just finished this most enjoyable mystery. I've been looking for a good Nancy Drew replacement, the convertible driving sleuth's stories can't seem to hold me anymore. And yet I miss that combination of a spunky young detective who can do just about anything and gets lucky, too.

Enola is a perditorian -- a finder of lost. She also just happens to be the much younger sister of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. But having a famous brother is not all roses. (Oh my goodness! I just brought up flowers without even meaning to!) Anyway, this is the third Enola Holmes book, and it involves some bizarre bouquets from a nefarious source. Doctor Watson has gone missing, and the bouquets are a floral clue.

I would recommend beginning at the beginning with these books (even though I didn't). There was a bit of "back when that happened" that made me wish I had read the previous two mysteries in the series by the prolific word farmer Nancy Springer. The first one is The Case of the Missing Marquess.

Anyway, I really liked this book. Pretty much couldn't put it down. Read it in two sittings. Just what I wanted in a short mystery novel.

(This is a 2008 Cybils nominee. This post is only mine, not the view of the official Cybils panel.)

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