Cybils progress

Oooh. We just had our first live chat as the Middle Grade panel. We've been communicating all along of course, via message board, but chat is a whole new level.

Really, when you take 126 nominees and have to pick 5-7 for a shortlist. . . it's hard! I think it's safe to say our shortlist will be longer rather than shorter. Who knows though? So many great books, so few spots on the shortlist. I'll definitely have to highlight some of my favorites that don't make the shortlist.

And how about this? I promise to give you my opinion about all of the books that eventually do get shortlisted. In my category, that is. Though I am very (very) much looking forward to reading the shortlists in other categories. Muahahaha! The Cybils are so fun! I hope you'll enjoy diving into them soon! (Last year's winners were all really good too. Well, I didn't read all of them, but the ones I did were great!)

Happy one-week-until-Christmas-Eve!

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  1. Hey Alysa, I just saw that your tag for the Cybils is spelled cvbils instead - it's probably not worth going back and changing all of them though. Just taking a quick break from studying and I saw that. I love you!


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