Alvin Ho: Allergic to girls, school and other scary things

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Alvin Ho: Allergic to girls, school and other scary things by Lenore Look (illustrated by LeUyen Pham) is quite a funny book. In fact I would quote it for you now but I've lent it to someone already.

Alvin is an awesome and hilarious 2nd grader. I've heard him compared to the likes of other awesome youngsters like Ramona, Clementine, and Junie B. Jones with one difference: he's a boy! It's quite fun to follow him on his adventures with figuring out school and finding friends. His first piano lesson is my personal favorite, though.

Alvin says that he has been diagnosed with "so-so performance anxiety disorder." This means that he doesn't talk when he gets scared and won't make a peep in school! Making friends is a tricky thing when the first order of business is saying "hi."

The illustrations are unique and flavorful, and so is the Ho family. "Super fun and good for laughs, Alvin Ho is recommended to everyone first grade and up" sez me!

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  1. This looks like such a great book. Great title (love it!) and the illustrations look fantastic. Thanks for flagging this and pulling it out from under the radar. I love your blog.


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