The Big Read 2009: The Maltese Falcon

Our local library, along with the National Endowment for the Arts, is sponsoring The Big Read! This year my community is reading The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett.

I think the idea of having the whole community read one book is awesome. I like the idea that I could say "So, what page are you on?" to a random person in the grocery store and start up a conversation. A big part of why I read the books that I do is so that I can talk about them. That is one reason I read many new books, and probably the only reason I've read some of the classics. I want to know what all the fuss is about, so to speak. And, you know, toss in my two cents.

So, find out what your library is reading for The Big Read this year! I know my mom's library is doing Esperanza Rising; that's a good one. And if you want to read The Maltese Falcon, we should talk about it! Maybe I'll do a post where we can chat about it in the comments thread or something, later this month. And if you live near me, I'm having a party at my place on Apr 24! You can email me for details.


  1. I've seen this movie! I really liked it. Call me an ignoramus, but I didn't know this was a book. I'm really intrigued now. My community read Fahrenheit 451 for our book. It was awesome. We even staged a mock-book burning (we used misprinted ARCs - no worries), It was incredible. I loved it. Are you guys doing anything special to kick off the reading fest?

  2. Ours read My Antonia last fall for the Big Read. I didn't participate (the CYBILS got in the way, LOL).

  3. Heather that sounds awesome! Yes there was cool kick-off stuff, but I missed it due to getting down to AZ for Project Book Babe. I'm looking forward to some of the events later this month though!

    Melissa, What? Cybils got in the way of other reading? pffsh! How can that be? Very strange. lol.


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