Inside the Slidy Diner

Inside the Slidy Diner by Laurel Snyder; illustrated by Jaime Zollars.

Inside the Slidy Diner laurel snyder jaime zollars
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This is a weird one! It's about a greasy spoon restaurant called The Slidy Diner, where all kinds of weird and gross things (that are definitely not up to code!) happen. But some pretty cool and funny things happen there too.

One of the things that makes this book weird is the text. It's almost poetry. In fact, I think it is poetry, but just the tricky kind. You think there is going to be regular rhyme and meter, but nope! The meter instead is a little bit uncomfortable -- yet fascinating, like the diner itself.

The illustrations are the same way. They're almost beautiful. . . except they're totally gross! The one that grosses me out the most is on the page that says "...stay away from the ladyfingers. They really are." Eeew! My favorite illustration, however is on the other side of that spread.

In short: it's kinda crazy and kinda creepy, but. . . I like it!

I'd love to see a Bookie Woogie review of it. hehe.


  1. Oooh, this book sounds great. I would love to see Bookie Wookie do a review of it too.

    (And I love your quote on your sidebar, btw. I didn't know you've read Mistborn!? That's too cool).

  2. I finished it a couple days ago. :) Here's a review of it for you, now.


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