No big surprise...

Project Book Babe was totally awesome!!!

J.S. Lewis and Shannon Hale were the MCs. John introduces Shannon: ". . . and I would say she is beautiful, too, but her husband weighs 290 pounds and I don't want my arms ripped off." Haha!


  1. You went, had an awesome time, and all I get is one sentence?? C'mon... more please?

  2. But he's such a big teddy bear. I love him to death. They are both just so sweet. And I'm so glad you got to go. Trying to keep my jealousy at bay a bit. What free book did you end up getting? :)

  3. Hehe, sorry Melissa. I promise I'll tell you more, but I'm prepping for a long flight back to IL tomorrow. In the mean time, Shannon Hale has posted her write-up on her site.

    I got Janette Rallison's It's a Mall World After All.

  4. So jealous! Green with envy! Wish I'd been there ...


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