Challenges. . . and Battles!

Okay, that puzzle for the contest was totally fun. You should try it.

A couple of other exciting tidbits: I did quite the happy dance when I got a mysterious package yesterday... containing...(oh, I'm excited just TYPING about it!) Blackbringer and Silksinger! Blackbringer comes out in paperback on May 14, and Silksinger will be published September 17. I'm seriously thrilled to read it and review it for you.

But I can't do that just yet. Jacob is "asking for a challenge. . . or a battle!" (oh Strong Bad, we love you). He challenged me to read a book that HE picked, before I read anything else. So. Right now I'm reading Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson and I'm loving it. I'm going to have to pause to read The Maltese Falcon though, now that Jacob is done with it. I mean, I'm hosting a book club for it! I HAVE to read it. And I want to.

So what should I challenge Jacob to read? I'm kind of thinking Eclipse would be good. . .


  1. That puzzle was so much fun, I'm shaking with glee! :)

    You should make him read Anne of Green Gables. Joe would consider that the ultimate torture. Has he already read the first two Meyer books? And has has to be coerced into reading the third? Honestly ... :)

  2. Dang. That should be "he" has to be coerced?

  3. so what will your challenge for the smith family book be?

  4. No, he hasn't read the first two, but I've told him so much about them that he might as well have.

    Mom - how about My Dad's a Birdman?


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