Project Book Babe Report (Part 1)

April 1 -- Fly to Phoenix

April 2 -- Volunteer at the Elementary School's book fair! Fun!

April 3 -- Make awesome EVEREAD t-shirts for me and mom, and Book Baby onesie. Gather cardstock and markers for the making of awesome impromptu signs.

April 4 -- Project Book Babe!
8:55 a.m. Leave home (my mom's home, that is). We're headed for the valley of the sun.

11:15 a.m. Pick up cousin Amey for day of awesome fun! She flew out from St. Louis to see her favorite: Shannon Hale! She also brought a few copies of the first chapter of her novel, which we read until

Noon-ish Meet Danobanano, Nena Cullen, Alice Whitlock, Pel, and Be My Escape for lunch! Okay, so we were late, and they had already eaten, but they were sweet enough to chat while we scarfed some food and tried to feed the Book Baby (his little homemade onesie was so cute! unfortunately I put it through the dryer...) at AZ Mills Mall.

1:00 Head to Marcos De Niza High School! Stand in line.

1:15 Still standing.

1:45 Still standing. They were letting in groups of ~50 at a time.

1:55 Still standing. Oh! The Bronze and Platinum lines are short, so we can go ahead of a bunch of other people! Nice!

2:00 Event is supposed to be starting, but there is still a loooong line outside. Forgot the baby's bottle and must run out to the truck to get it. Pass by cousin Amey (still in line since she had a Gold ticket).

2:10 Shannon Hale comes out on stage to tell us some jokes and that it will be a couple of minutes since there is still a line out there. Send mother to lobby for raffle tickets. Shannon Hale and others chase someone running with Stephenie's prom dress across the stage, drooling and screaming.

2:20 ish Event begins (see hilarious intro of Shannon Hale by J.S. Lewis in previous post).

Jon and Shannon introduce the musicians, first Adam Kump and then "our only qualification for musicians was that they had to be named Adam. We had to go to California..." Adam Watts Band. Thankfully Adam Watts Band played a slow one in there and it put the Book Baby to sleep. Bless you! I even managed to get him transferred to his stroller and strapped in properly without waking him up.

The authors come out for a rousing rendition of Aretha Franklin (originally intended to be a lip-sync but James Owen decided he would sing if it meant he didn't have to dance). Awesome dance moves! Head to Shannon's blog to see a play-by-play of her falling to her knees and rocking out on her air guitar during the free-dance portion. Also present were pregnant Laini Taylor dancing it up despite her belly and the sequined Janette Rallison. Jon Lewis is rocking out and Brandon Mull goes into the free dance too soon, but it looks great so its all good! Stephenie Meyer, flanked by PJ Haarsma and Dean Lorey (or was that Chris Gall? crap) slides across the back of the stage to loud cheers.

Next, Shannon introduces the author panel while tables are being set up behind her. She begins first with the fact, though that Frank Beddor can't make it since his kids have high fevers; and Stephenie Meyer won't be able to come as promised. . . in her bunny suit. There was a mix up at the dry cleaners, and the bags got switched. She ended up with someone's scarecrow costume, and it's very unflattering and scratchy, so sorry. Shannon proceeds to introduce everyone telling us "little known facts" about each author (Boot-scootin' boogie champ? First to eat yogurt through his nose? ...yeah). It looks like everything is good to go and Shannon turns around to help with the tables. Oh, look! A big empty space with the nametag Stephenie Meyer in front of it!

Shannon laughs for quite a while before she can compose herself. "It's because she so insignificant!" she covers. "Can I be expected to remember everyone?? No, it's because she needs no introduction." She goes on to tell us about how none of the other authors are allowed to look Stephenie in the eye, and they call her "your Grace." You see, she's been jumpy this year, so there should be no noise when she comes out on stage. "Absolute silence!" she demands, and finally introduces "Stephenie Meyer!!!"

Tune into the next post for info about the author panel and pictures!!! In the mean time you can look at the write-ups by Shannon, Janette, and Laini.


  1. Oh, this is hilarious. I am loving these posts. Can't wait for the next installment!

  2. Soaking it up... thanks! (And, yeah, I've read all the author's posts, too... wish I could have gone. No, I'm not pouting. Not really.)

  3. I want pictures of your awesome Everead T-shirts. :)

  4. Oh man, we never did get a picture of us all together in our "awesome everead t-shirts". I am to blame because I was hangin in the shade since I was coming down with the flu and didn't realize it till that night. But I sure had a great time at the event -- I was in the best of company! Mom


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