Overheard about Harry Potter

Benjamin has been reading the Harry Potter series and, like any good 7-year-old, he began trying out the spells on his younger siblings. More than once I had to break up arguments between two wandless wizards in my kitchen. What was more fun, though was when the spellcasting got unintentionally funny.

"Expecto Patronus!" was a common refrain for several days. (The real spell is expecto patronum, as discerning first-gen HP fans will tell you.)

Well, after being "expecto patronus"ed ceaselessly, 5-year-old Levi decided to get in on the action. The spell he cast had me laughing pretty hard: Expecto Pinterest!

I summon Pinterest! It will chase my living nightmares away! hahaha

Another spell popular with the boys was accio. You'll remember that this spell is meant to bring something to you from nearby.

I asked Benjamin to get me the garlic out of the fridge, and after looking for a moment and not finding it, he muttered, "Accio garlic!" Nice try.

Levi soon caught the drift of the spell and was heard to command, "Accio birthday!" to which Benjamin responded, "Accio doesn't work like that," in typical older brother fashion.


Did you hear the news? An official eighth book is being added to the Harry Potter series. I heard about it online this morning but Benjamin had already heard about it when he got home from school. Kids these days.

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