The 2 Must-Read Graphic Novels of the Year!

Hello and "Happy Valentine's Day" to all you book lovers out there.

Me & My Valentine
The Cybils Award Winners have been announced!

The Cybils Awards choose the best kids and young adult books of the last year, based on kid-appeal and literary merit. They're books that are not just enjoyable, but also well written. They're not the brussels sprouts or the halloween candy of kids books, Cybils winners are the happy medium. You can find the winners in all the categories on the Cybils website.

Check out the winners in the Graphic Novels category right here!!!

For ages 8-12:

Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson!
I found myself seriously considering joining roller derby after reading this book. It's got a lot of heart and humor and I just love the moment when Astrid breaks the fourth wall and winks at us.

For ages 13+

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson!
I pretty much want the whole book on a t-shirt. Just, like, scene by scene. A lot of t-shirts. People would be like "Didn't you wear that shirt yesterday?" and I'd be like "No! That was page 7. This is page 8."

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