Audrey Wait!

Beware! This novel is not for the weak of ears!...or I guess it's eyes in this case... Anyway, what I mean is, there are some definite swear words peppered throughout this novel which is told from teenage Audrey's point of view. Audrey LOVES music. Music as in top-40, rock, vintage rock, rock, punk, rock, emo, rock, etc. And did I mention she loves rock? When she breaks up with her band-junkie boyfriend, he writes a song about the break-up and all of the sudden, his band leaps from obscurity into the world of rock fame. The song plays constantly on the radio, and Audrey, contrary to popular belief, is NOT pleased. She is in fact mortified that her personal life now belongs to the Billboard Top 10 list. The more famous the song gets, the more famous she gets, and dealing with the fame while worrying about all the typical teen issues such as cliques, boys, and work is not panning out for her.
I actually quite enjoyed this book. It made me wonder if the girl who is the subject of The Plain White T's hit song "Hey There Delilah" had an experience like this. I wouldn't quite classify this book as a "problem novel," but it does have some sensuality, definite language, drug references, etc. In all fairness though, it's a book about pop culture, so what do you expect? In my opinion, it's fairly tastefully done to make a point--fame is no cakewalk kids!


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