Thief of Time review, and Moonstone tidbit

I think it's about time I reviewed Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett for you.

But first, Deborah Smith, editor of Bell Bridge Books asked me to spread some love about Moonstone by Marilee Brothers. It's a YA urban fantasy about Allie Emerson -- who discovers she has more talents than she thought since that latest encounter with an electrical fence. I haven't read the book myself, but you can find a couple of reviews here and here.

Now, Thief of Time. The History Monks of Discworld (the world that is the setting for many Terry Pratchett novels, including The Wee Free Men) have discovered the secret to controlling time. They redistribute it, so that it goes to where it is needed most. The hitch here is that a new clock is being built -- a clock that may mean the end of time.

Jacob and I both read this one and enjoyed it. We still find ourselves groaning "Yeth marthter." So, yeah, great characters. I especially liked Miss Susan (who teaches elementary school). The plot was good too -- it took me a bit to get into the book at the beginning though, because there are several plot threads. They all come together awesomely later, but it was a bit jumpy-aroundy for me there for a while. The denoument was a bit long for me but it was fun nonetheless. Awesome Pratchett humor throughout. Recommended to teachers, chocolate-lovers, monks, thieves, nerds, etc.

Jacob sez: Terry Pratchett always writes such good characters. And he makes them real characters. "Is it not written: 'if you pick at it, it will only get worse'?"


  1. So if you were a chocolate loving, thief monk of Nerdery, would this book be doubly awesome?

    Thanks for the review. I love Terry Pratchett, but I haven't read this particular story :)

  2. if you were a chocolate loving thief monk of nerdery the book would not be doubly awesome; it would be quadruply awesome.


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