Babymouse! She's funny, she's fab, she likes cupcakes!

I've been trying to branch out and explore the genre of the graphic novel -- the comic book in book form. So, I checked out Babymouse 1-8 (all the ones that are in print--oh, jk, looks like there's another one now). It took me a couple of these tiny volumes to get into the swing of things, but now Babymouse is a favorite. Kids and adults will both appreciate the humor in the series and the bold, black-white-pink illustrations are fun, too. I love the running jokes in the series: the whiskers, the locker of the black lagoon, etc. And each volume has a little plot to it as well. There is no questionable content -- if you can read, they're appropriate for you (though I think I saw them classified as grades 4-6 somewhere). Here's a link to preview Babymouse: Rock Star! on Publisher's Weekly. Read 'em! Love 'em! (Jacob loves them too.)

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