Princes in Print

ETA: Our list is coming along great! Any more nominations?

Alright Evereaders! It's time for our first list! Lets jot down, in no particular order, our favorite princes in print. Who is the best royalty around? I'll add your nominations to the tab, just leave them in the comments.

Geric of The Goose Girl
Charmont of Ella Enchanted
Talon Rathersting of Blackbringer
Kent of Summers at Castle Auburn
Curdie of The Princess and the Goblin
George of The Princess and the Hound
Daystar of The Enchanted Forest Chronicles (Mendanbar would definitely make the list, but technically, he's King of the Enchanted Forest, not a prince)
The Marquis of Shevraeth of Crown Duel
Charles Pierre Phillippe of East


  1. Kent from Summers at Castle Auburn

  2. The Princess and the Goblin p. 169: "So you see there is some ground for supposing that Curdie was not a miner only, but a prince as well. Many such instances have been known in the world's history."

  3. So, I can't say I'm super familiar with Kent or Curdie. What makes them favorites?

  4. Kent is an extremely wise, witty, serious, kind and absolutely swoon-worthy royal.

  5. Hi, Alysa!
    Fun blog!
    I'd definitely have to add the Marquis of Shevraeth from "Crown Duel" by Sherwood Smith as well as Charles Pierre Philippe, or the White Bear from "East" by Edith Pattou.

  6. I've heard that Crown Duel is super good. I have it on hold at the library. :)

  7. oh my gosh.... I love Charmont so much. MY FAVORITE for sure!!!!


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