Breaking Dawn (and other breaking news)

If you don't know what Breaking Dawn is then I don't know where you've been.

I am moderately obsessed with the Twilight Saga, which is to say I know many people who are both more and less obsessed than I. If you were to ask my whereabouts on midnight of August 1/2, you would hear that I was at a Breaking Dawn release party. And I'm no slouch when it comes to reading, so I finished the book some time ago. Since I finished it, I've been following the mixed reaction to the book.

I enjoyed Breaking Dawn immensely. I liked the twist in book 1 that I had not suspected, I adored the chapter titles in book 2, and the first few chapters of book 3 were among my favorite in the series. Plus, I loved the ending. Happy, romantic, and humorous.

One of the main complaints that I've heard about the book is that the big climax scene did not become a battle. I have to say, I thought it was fresh and enjoyable. Not every fantasy needs to end in a big nasty battle, you know. Some people can talk about their problems and work them out -- at least to the extent that nobody is killing anybody. Props to Stephenie Meyer for writing the road less traveled. The same goes for writing about people after they're married. Rock on.

Another complaint I've heard is that the ending was "too happy." As I've already said, I didn't have a problem at all with that. But I wonder if I can pinpoint why some people did. Usually when I read sci-fi and fantasy, or even mystery, I come away thinking, "Phew, I'm glad that's not my life. I'm glad that my big problems are homework/paying the bills/making dinner and managing the zillions of things I want and need to do. I'm so happy I don't have to save the world or worry about evil enemies hunting me down" et cetera. When you finish Breaking Dawn, you're not thinking those thoughts. You're thinking, "That is so romantic! and sweet! I wish I had that kind of life/love/money/superpower..." In short, the ending probably left some fans dissatisfied with their own lives. That's why I think some people didn't like it.

But here's the good news! You CAN have a great life! Sure maybe you'll never be as rich as the Cullens, you and your man may age, and you may have to actually spend a few years trying to figure out what your baby is telling you, but life is good. It's my philosophy that life is mostly fair. You get what you work for. Go make your dreams happen!

Okay. Now you've had your happy pills. Here's a downer: Midnight Sun (which is Twilight from Edward's perspective) is "on hold indefinitely." It was going to be Meyer's next book published, but the draft was leaked on the internet, so Meyer decided to post it herself and move on with some other projects. I think it's kinda sad, but it's nice that she has the prerogative to do that. It would really stink if she was contractually obligated to continue working on a project that her heart wasn't in.

So, what do y'all think? Did you like Breaking Dawn? If you didn't, then was I right about why you didn't like it? What do you think about Midnight Sun?



  1. I liked Breaking Dawn better than the first three books.

    I think it's sad that Midnight Sun got killed. I mean, I wouldn't have ever read it when it came out, and I don't think I'm going to read it now, but an author works so hard on a book, and now it's dead. And isn't her fault. That's sad.

  2. I liked it! I thought it was cool to get the perspective of the superhuman.

    I think that Meyers has left herself a lot of loose ends which could possibly result in spin-offs if she were to chose to persue them. I won't be a spoiler and get overly specific, but there are definitely stories to tell with many of the new characters who were introduced in this book. One really obvious one, but I few others I'd like to hear more about.

  3. Good review!! I'm still mixed about it. I think I read it too fast to enjoy it thoroughly (although I did like it!) and I'd like to reread it again in a few months when the hype has died down and I can enjoy it for what I think instead of what others think.

  4. Debbie - I'm thinking about rereading too. I've never wanted to reread any of the saga until after I finished Breaking Dawn, then I wanted to go back and do it from start to finish. We'll see if it happens.

  5. Good review, Alysa! I loved Breaking Dawn. I'm with you on all your points. I read it a second time about two weeks later (first time I've ever done that with any book). I wanted to see if I read it too fast and that's why I loved it so much. Nope! I just loved it because I did. ;)

  6. Breaking Dawn was by FAR my favorite Stephenie Meyers book. I loved the twists in the book, i love the ending and i LOVED Bella as a vampire.

    My second fav book by S.M is The Host. Have you read it? I think it is even better than twilight.


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