Feathered Friend

Awesome Halloween costume! I found this link on Bookshelves of Doom. The Pigeon books are great. As is everything else by Mo Willems that I've read.


  1. That is an awesome costume. I love those books!

  2. Oh yeah, and all I can say is, I'm doing the Cybils next year, if they'll let me---24 free books???? That is like the coolest thing ever!!! I told Joe about it, and he grumbled something about having to buy a new house just to accommodate all my books. Sounds good to me! Thanks again for letting me join your blog. I don't know if I'd've had the gumption to start one myself.

  3. Haha, no problem! I kind of built the blog with the intention of adding authors. :) Yeah, Cybils are great. You would be good at it so you should definitely apply! We pretty much need a new bookshelf...We've got one that's triple-stacked (it has deep shelves).


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