Clementine's Letter

Post by Alysa
A while back we had a "cool quote of the moment" courtesy of this book. It was just so fun! It was filled with good stuff. Great characters! Great illustrations! Good plot and pacing! I didn't even mind that it was not the first book in it's series -- it was fine standing on its own. In fact, it made me want to read the other ones. :)

Clementine is a bit of a troublemaker. She isn't spiteful, but she seems to get into sticky spots. Lucky for her, she has a great support system. Her family is wonderful, and her teachers are excellent. I think Clementine is an excellent example of making things work out for the best. Not hoping they work out, making them work out.

A must read for Clemintine's peers (Yay 3rd grade!) and their supporters.

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