Spreading the Love (but not so thin that you can't taste it)

Here is some linkage to a fun graphic novelist that would be a great pick for all the children (or people with inner children) on your Christmas list. His site is Don't Eat Any Bugs and I recommend reading the first chapter of A Cheese Related Mishap. Jacob and I were laughing about the scientist and the penguin ("Penguins aren't made for the cold!"). Then there are samples from YARG!, Another Dirt Sandwich, and coming soon is Cupcakes of DOOM!

Anyway, just poke around a bit. If your family is anything like mine, you won't have a hard time pegging who would go for the work of Ray Friesen. I can think of two people (besides me) who would love his thing. Just look at his author shot. I mean, c'mon!

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